Breaking MAP || Syrian Army liberates new neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor city.

Following the largest significant advance by liberating Al-Orfi, Workers housing districts and the municipal stadium, the Army keeps targeting Islamic state in the city center.

Military source confirmed to Muraselon website The elite Syrian Army Tiger forces – Backed by Russian Air force – managed to destroy ISIS defense lines in the city center ,liberating 3 new neighborhoods 

Al-Khasarat , Al-Kanamat , Bader district and the old airport Neighborhoods have liberated by The elite Syrian Army Tiger forces , the Source Added.

” Many ISIS tunnels were destroyed, dozens of terrorists were killed ” the source confirmed.

However, the Syrian units are engaging with ISIS terrorists inside Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood after storming it from 2 different axis ( Al-Orfi and Jbyla neighborhoods ).

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