In Video , Russian Jets destroy jihadists’ HQ , Vehicles in Idlib countryside.

Russian air force has been targeting Al Nusra-affiliated fighters in the Idlib province of Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said, releasing videos to refute “unsubstantiated claims” that it deliberately bombed civilian-populated areas.
The Russian Air Force does not strike populated areas in the Syrian Arab Republic,” General Igor Konashenkov, spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry, said Tuesday, following reports of Russian strikes allegedly hitting heavily populated areas in Idlib.

The controversial Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that in the past few days it has documented “intense airstrikes targeting… villages and towns” in Idlib province. The raids, SOHR claimed, killed 27 civilians, while injuring 58 others.

“The statements by the Observatory, sourced to anonymous ‘eyewitnesses’ or ‘volunteers,’ are traditionally unsubstantiated and serve as an ‘informational cover’ for the activity of Al Nusra militants and affiliated warring factions,” the Russian MoD said.

In the past 24 hours, the Russian jets have struck 10 terrorist targets in Idlib province, the Defense Ministry said, releasing the footage of the strikes. Prior to initiating the strikes, the Russian military confirmed terrorist movements at target locations through drone reconnaissance and “other intelligence channels,” Konashenkov said.

The targets, which were all situated away from populated areas, included ISIS’s underground bases, ammunition depots and armored vehicles, the military said. The Russian jets also managed to destroy jihadists’ rocket launchers and workshops that produce explosive-laden vehicles.

“The destroyed facilities and equipment were used both during training and during the terrorist attack on September 18,”the spokesman noted, referring to the attack on the Russian military police unit in the Hama province where terrorists wanted to capture “Russian servicemen as hostages.”

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