In Video | Russian warplanes destroy Al-Nusra Front Tanks & Bmps in North Hama

The Russian and Syrian Air Force has been continuously bombing positions for the jihadi organizations in Iblib and Hama provinces for the past 24 hours.

This comes in the wake of a failed assault launched by several rebel groups against the Syrian government forces.

Russian Mod said : Al-Nusra Front terrorists used tanks and infantry fighting vehicles during their offensive in the Idlib de-escalation zone

“A total of 187 terrorist targets were hit by air strikes and artillery fire, about 850 terrorists, 11 tanks, 4 infantry fighting vehicles, 46 pick-up trucks, 5 mortars, and 38 weapons depots were destroyed,” Mod added.

The Russian warplanes Burn Al-Nusra tanks and vehicles as the Video below .



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