Syria Map Update: Syrian Army sets foot in last ISIS stronghold of Deir Ezzor

Months after the Syrian Army officially declared a full-scale military campaign to lift a years-long siege imposed by the Islamic State on Deir Ezzor, the government forces finally succeeded in entering the embattled eastern city from two axes.

Yesterday, the Army troops – led by the elite Tiger Forces – managed to recapture the strategic al-Bushairy mountaintop after advancing from the southeastern countryside of Raqqa province.

In the meantime, Army units with help from allied forces expanded control some 12 km to the east of al-Sukhnah and took over Harbishah; a small town en route to Deir Ezzor after fierce battles with the battle-hardened militants.

This recent gains put the Syrian Army some 45 km to Deir Ezzor from al-Bushairy mountaintop, and less than 63 km from Harbishah town.

See Full HD Map below

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