Russian military instructors train over 1,000 Syrian troops near Damascus

Russian military instructors have trained 1,200 Syrian recruits and reservists at the Dreij training center located near the country’s capital of Damascus, Syrian Army General Mansoor Nabih told reporters.

“Thanks [to the Russian instructors], we have trained military servicemen who will participate in the upcoming offensives towards the positions of the Islamic State terror group,” he said. “A total of 1,200 people have been trained,” he added. According to the general, troops who were trained at the center participated in the liberation of Palmyra, the offensives towards Deir ez-Zor and Aleppo, they also liberated the southern part of the Raqqa province. “Our soldiers continue to liberate Syria from terrorists,” he said.

A training course lasts 15 to 20 days, after the first week, soldiers are divided into groups to receive weapons training, tactical course, engineering or medical training.

“While working with Syrian troops, we have achieved outstanding results in weapons training, engineering and tactical training,” Russian military instructor named Alexei told reporters. “The troops have acquired good weapons skills that could be used during offensive and defensive operations. They are ready to defend their country, their morale is high,” he added. 0bea.


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