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Dier Ezzor Map update | Syrian Army is 6 km to enter eastern Raqqa countryside.

The Syrian government forces continue to fight the Islamic State militants in the northern axis of the city .

Military source confirm to Muraselon website that the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces – supported by heavy Russian airstrikes – liberated Qasbi mount , Ma’adan Ateaq village near Qasbi village on the western bank of the Euphrates .

The Syrian Army advancing towards Ma’adan, only 6 km to enter eastern Raqqa countryside , the Source added


Earlier on Friday , the Army units managed to restore Hulaibah, Zulaibah, and Qasbi from Islamic state jihadists in the northern axis

Also ,the government forces managed to liberate Khasham village near Mazloum on the eastern flank of Euphrates.

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