Deir Ezzor Map Update: Syrian Army recaptures villages in east bank of Euphrates

The Syrian government forces continue to fight the Islamic State militants in the eastern bank of the Euphrates after crossing the River yesterday.

According to a military source, the Syrian Army liberated the towns of Mazloum and al-Morat located in the ISIS-held parts of the eastern bank.

Yesterday, the terrorist group lost at least 26 of its militants in a failed offensive on the aforementioned towns.

Meanwhile, the government troops evacuated some of its outposts in the recently-liberated Sakr Island (located north of the Deir Ezzor airbase) a after a fierce counter-attack by ISIS jihadists.

Clashes are still ongoing to re-occupy those outposts. “We have deployed scores of the Army’s snipers along the River in order to secure the crossing,” the source added.

Yesterday, the Syrian Army succeeded in traversing the Euphrates River using boats and amphibious vehicles, linking up the two banks by help of Russian pontoon bridges.

In the northwestern axis of the city, fierce battles are breaking out as another Army unit continue to expand control to the north of Ayash town.

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