Deir Ezzor Map Update: Syrian Amy prepares to cross the Euphrates

The Syrian Armed Forces managed, today, to recapture the town of Hwijat Sakr located just to north of Deir Ezzor airbase.

A military source told Muraselon that the liberation of Hwijat Sakr (also called Sakr Island) has been achieved by support of precise Russian airstrikes as well as heavy artillery and rocket shelling.

The source made clear that several boats used by the Islamic State militants have been destroyed in the process.

The Syrian forces are now preparing to cross to the eastern bank of the Euphrates with the aim to reclaim all ISIS-held districts.

According to the detailed map shown in the link below, the government forces have so far crossed a branch of the Euphrates, but didn’t make it to the eastern bank.

HD Map in ” File ” , or click here

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