Breaking | Syrian Army Makes Fresh Gains , liberates key town from ISIS in Raqqa countryside

The Syrian government forces continue to fight the Islamic State militants in the northern axis of the Dier Ezzor city .

Military source confirm to Muraselon website that the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces – supported by heavy Russian airstrikes liberate Ma’adan village which located in eastern Raqqa countryside

The Syrian Army is so close to link up with the government troops in Ganiem Ali Town in southeastern countryside of Raqqa .

Only 2 villages left ” Al-khamiesiah and Al-Jabber ” to link up with Syrian Troops in Ganiem Ali Town , the Source added .

Yesterday , the Army units managed to restore  Ma’adan Ateaq village which was the last town in Western Deir Ezzor countryside .

Details to follow ..

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