Two Russian submarines on way to Black Sea enter Mediterranean

Two Russian submarines on the way from the Baltic Fleet to the Black Sea have entered the Mediterranean, Black Sea Fleet spokesman Vyacheslav Trukhachyov said on Monday.

“Two diesel submarines – The Kolpino and the Veliki Novgorod – on the way from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea Fleet have entered the Mediterranean,” he said.

The submarines will be part of the Russian Navy’s permanent group in the Mediterranean.

The submarines are moving in the surface position. They are escorted by a salvage tug of the Baltic Fleet.

The Kolpino and The Veliki Novgorod are the fifth and sixth in a series of six submarines of project 636.3 built at the Admiralty Shipyards for the Black Sea Fleet.

Another project 636.6 submarine – the Krasnodar – was redeployed from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea earlier. It performed a number of tasks as part of the Russian Navy’s group in the Mediterranean. On June 23, as the Defense Ministry said, it launched Kalibr cruise missiles against facilities of the Islamic State (outlawed in Russia) in Syria.


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