ISIS trapped in East Hama as Syrian Army encircles key jihadi stronghold

ISIS militants are now stuck in a 3000 km2 enclave in east Hama countryside following the spectacular advance made by the Syrian Army from two axes.

According to a military source, the Army’s elite Tiger Forces advanced from the southwestern countryside of Raqqa , seizing a large chunk of territory and liberating dozens of villages and towns.

Meanwhile, Army units fighting ISIS near Shaer Mount made it northward and met with the attacking forces in the north.

The recent advance has granted the Syrian Army full control over 9000 km2 of land; thus encircling the Islamic State in a pocket to the east of Salamiyah city.

Supported by allied forces and Russian Air Force, the Syrian Army began a wide-scale military campaign to expel the Islamic State from its major bastion of Uqayribat  located to the east of Salamiyah city.

Download Full HD Map below.

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