Battlefield Report: Syrian Army tightens grip in northeast Homs

Syrian’s government forces resume major offensive toward the embattled city of Deir Ezzor as the Islamic State’s reign is exponentially shrinking.

After the productive advance made by the Army troops in the eastern countryside of Hama which resulted in besieging ISIS militants in a 3000 km2 pocket, the government forces are now attempting to force the terror group into another enclave.

This morning, the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces stormed ISIS fortifications in al-Dahl Mountain, scoring direct hits against the battle-hardened militants.

The battles are part of a wider offensive declared by the government forces which aims at lifting a 3-year siege on the eastern city of Deir Ezzor.

Following the recapture of Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi located to the east of Taybah  town, the Army troops are expanding control eastward only to clash with the Islamic State in al-Latom al-Sharqiyah and al-Latom al-Gharibyah areas.

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