Sat 11 Jul 2020
Clock 17:05, Damascus
Wikimedia Commons: Orjen

Renewed Violence During Belgrade Protests

الساعة 16:51 بتوقيت دمشق

Peaceful protests against the Covid-19 safety measures introduced by the administration of Aleksandar Vucic in Serbia are overshadowed by renwed riots.

Protesters threw stones and bottles at the parliament building and the police on Friday evening. A group of young men even broke through the metal railing in front of the parliament eventually storming the building.

The violent demonstrations ended at around midnight when police in riot gear used tear gas. The officials formed a chain around the entrance to the parliament. Shortly afterwards, the remaining demonstrators, who had behaved peacefully, also ended their protest rally.

At least 70 people were arrested during the violent protests, while even Journalists were attacked during the night, according to media reports.

Source / RT, RTS