Tue 07 Jul 2020
Clock 20:40, Damascus

Heavily-laden ship carrying tanks heads to Syria (PHOTOS)

الساعة 15:45 بتوقيت دمشق

 A heavily-laden Russian ship was photographed this week making its way to Syria to help in the rearming of the Syrian Armed Forces.

According to maritime observer, Yoruk Isik, the Russian Ministry of Defense’s ВМФ Project 1171 ЧФ BSF 197th Landing Ship Brigade Tapir (NATO:Alligator) class tank carrying LST Saratov 150 was seen transiting the Bosphorus Strait for the eastern Mediterranean. 


As pointed out by Isik, the Russian vessel transited the Bosphorus Strait that links the Black and Mediterranean seas and was making its way to the Port of Tartous in western Syria.

The Russian vessel is believed to be carrying tanks and other armored vehicles to rearm the Syrian Armed Forces.

This delivery likely has to do with the early March attack by the Turkish military, which destroyed several armored and technical vehicles in the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) arsenal.