Tue 07 Jul 2020
Clock 19:38, Damascus

Israeli airstrikes: Alleged satellite images claim what jets bombed in Syria

الساعة 16:28 بتوقيت دمشق

During the Christmas ceremony, Israeli airstrikes pounded several Syrian Army positions near the capital Damascus, causing explosions heard across the western countryside.

Satellite images were posted by a specialized website, claiming aftermath following recent Israeli airstrikes in Syria, showing destroyed military barracks in a Syrian division headquarter near Damascus.

The website claimed that the destroyed position is an Iranian base contains surface-to-surface missiles "Fajr-5" with 40km far from the occupied territories.



According to ImageSat, the satellite images show four bomb craters in a military vehicle parking lot inside the 4th division zone in western Damascus.

SANA news agency said that the Syrian air defenses repelled a hostile missile attack launched by Israeli warplanes from the aerospace of Lebanon on 25th of December.


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