Wed 08 Jul 2020
Clock 08:04, Damascus

Syrian-made Shawarma is needed in Russian state Duma!!

الساعة 17:50 بتوقيت دمشق

Russian official called for establishing of a high-quality Shawarma sales point for Duma employees in the building, running by Syrian chef.

"It is difficult to leave the workplace, especially in the winter," Moscow State Prosecutor Vitaly Milonov was quoted as saying by Moskva news agency.

"You have to put a good skewer of meat, and the chef must be Syria or from one of the republics of the Caucasus. I'm sure none will visit a restaurant, and all the deputies will stand in line to buy shawarma."

"The price of shawwarma should not be less than 300 rubles, our salaries allow," he said. "The price of shawwarma can be 250-300 rubles."

The Syrian Shawarma has achieved international and Arab fame in recent years and has become popular and popular, along with other types of popular cuisine, which is famous for Syrian cuisine.

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