Turkey sentences 4 years imprisonment to SANA agency reporter

The Turkish judiciary has sentenced four years imprisonment to the correspondent of the official Syrian news agency “SANA” in Turkey.

The Turkish news agency SANA reported on its website: A Turkish court today issued two sentences of more than four years in prison for the local correspondent of the Syrian Arab news agency SANA in Turkey, the journalist Hosny Mahli, for revealing that Turkey supports terrorists in Syria.

In addition, the court sentenced the reporter to two years, five months and five days for insulting President Erdogan after highlighting the policies that led to internal and external problems and crises suffered by Turkey.

“All political leaders, ministers, generals, former diplomats and even Vice President Joe Biden, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin have said in their statements that Turkey supports terrorism in Syria …” As a journalist, I support statements by these officials.

“Erdogan supports terrorist organizations in Syria, including the so-called Free Army and Nasra Front, cooperates with them in northern Syria and covers all their needs with hundreds of trucks. Mahli said


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