Will Syrians be allowed to use S-300 missiles by their own?

Russia has taken new measures to boost the Syrian air defense system by supplying the Syrian Army with S-300 missiles after Israel was held responsible for downing the IL-20 plane.

A former commander of a Russian air defense battalion spoke to Moskovskij Komsomolets – a Moscow-based daily newspaper – about the gravity of Russia’s response.

“One compound of S-300 missiles contains up to 6 battalions, each has 12 launchers with 4 missiles on each launcher; i.e. there will be more than 100 missiles ready to launch”, the former commander and air defense expert said.

“No one said that Russian will supply only one compound to Syria. In fact, no exact numbers were released”, he added.

The Russian expert confirmed that a unified command center for air defense across Syria will be established, which includes the Russian radars as well.

In such a system, all info will be inserted into a unified central command center whereby the Syrians shall identify the targets via their own system, while we accurately identify whether the target is a foe or a friend.

Through this mechanism, no codes or secrets will be conveyed.

However, the electronic warfare will be entirely operated by the Russians.

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According to Sergey Shoygu, Russia’s Defense Minister, the new measures aim at protecting the Russian soldiers in Syria, as well as those working nearby (the Syrian servicemen).

Translation : Muraselon News

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