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Brutal Saudi-led coalition bombing kills over 100 people in south Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition has conducted a huge airstrike in southwest Yemen which according to an official Red Cross source has killed more than one hundred people in a single location.
The location in question is, or rather was, a Houthi-run prison center in the Dhamar Governorate of Yemen. The site has been completely destroyed and scores have been left dead.
Quoted by Reuters on Sunday, a Red Cross source linked to the group’s humanitarian mission in Yemen said that after assessing casualties pulled from the bombed site as well as those taken to nearby hospitals a “safe presumption is that over 100 had been killed”.
According to an earlier statement from an official within the Houthi health ministry, the prison center was holding 170 inmates at the time it struck and rescue teams had recovered 60 deceased bodies.
The Saudi-led coalition claims that the prison complex was housing offensive military weapons, specifically drones and missiles, and that for this reason the bombing operation was justified.
Additional reports state that Saudi-led coalition strike package involved the use of six bombs which struck three buildings within the greater prison complex including the one specifically holding detainees.
The strikes which hit the inmate housing building resulted in the death of “most of [the prisoners] or the majority” per Reuters’ Red Cross source.
This brutal bombing in southern Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition comes amid considerable set-backs on the ground for it in the same area of the country – ironically so not against the Houthis (the traditional enemy of Riyadh’s alliance bloc), but against an old ally now turned enemy, the Emirati-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC).

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