Jihadists suffer huge losses amid latest Syrian Army operation in Idlib

Jihadist forces have suffered huge losses among their ranks since the Syrian Army commenced its new ground operation against militant groups in the southeastern countryside of Idlib some 72 hours ago.

Most of the militants who have been killed – either by air and artillery strikes or clashes with Syrian troops – belong to Al-Qaeda affiliate group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS; previously called Jabat al-Nusra or Al-Nusra Front).

The terrorist faction is very much the only main insurgent force in southeastern Idlib that is actually trying to counter the Syrian Army’s operation which has so far witnessed about a dozen towns, villages and hamlets as well as a number of important hills come under government control.

Militant sources themselves admit to the loss of at least 81 fighters killed in action, however it is generally the case that not every insurgent killed is always mentioned over social media.

The Russian military, in an official statement, recently placed the jihadist casualty toll – both dead and wounded – as a result of clashes with government forces in Idlib at around 200.

Muraselon News reached out to field sources within the Syrian Army to see if they could provide a number on Islamist losses so it could be compared to both Russian and militant claims; the answer given was in excess of 110.

Whilst the exact number of militant deaths cannot be confirmed, it is safe to say at this point that at least 100 fighters have been killed either at the front-line in gunfights with the Syrian Army as well as airstrikes and artillery shellings.