Breaking: Syrian Army secures its first city amid new Idlib offensive

Amid an ongoing blitz operation across the southeastern countryside of Idlib, the Syrian Army has taken control of a small but important city near the strategic M5 Highway.

Moments ago, field sources in contact with Muraselon News confirmed that leading elements of the Syrian Army had entered into and established control over the city of At-Tah, the first city-sized settlement to be captured during the campaign so far.

During the proceeding days, the Syrian Army outflanked At-Tah from the city’s southern, eastern and northern limits, allowing Islamist militants only one escape route – to the west.

A decision by jihadist insurgents to stay and fight would still have not changed the inevitable outcome – a certain defeat for their forces.

The city has strategic value insofar as it serves as a road-hub that connects various towns, villages and hamlets in the countryside east of the M5 Highway.

A road leading northwest out of the At-Tah offers a direct route for the Syrian Army to advance directly towards the M5 Highway – a move which would place government forces just south of Murrat al-Numan and begin pressuring militant groups to consider abandoning the city.

The success comes as the death toll for militant groups has begun to approach about 200 fighters killed in action as a result of airstrikes, artillery shellings and gunfights with Syrian troops since the government ground operation began.

The main insurgent faction currently trying to oppose the Syrian Army offensive is Al-Qaeda affiliate group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS; previously known as Jabhat al-Nusra or Al-Nusra Front) – it is this specific jihadist force that has by far suffered the most of the combined militant losses.