Picture: Israel spies on south Lebanon using a surveillance dog

Israel’s armed forces have attempted to spy on southern Lebanon with the help of what could technically be called a surveillance dog – quite literally a canine geared-up with cameras.
Backed by picture evidence, the Lebanese National Information Agency reported on Tuesday that the Israeli military sent a dog equipped with cameras to spy on southern Lebanon.
According to the official source, the camera-armed canine creature (which seems to have been a German Shepard) was let loose along the concrete wall that marks the border between Israel and Lebanon.

Apparently two Israeli drone aircraft also briefly flew along the Lebanon-Israel border before quickly retreating around the same time the spy dog was sent on its mission.
The event comes a day after Hezbollah forces based in southern Lebanon downed an Israeli military drone near the town of Ramyah, an undertaking which the group has vowed to do after a recent drone attack by Israel on Beirut.