Houthi forces launch ballistic missile attack on Saudi airport

Houthi forces (also known as the Ansar Allah movement) have launched a ballistic missile attack on a Saudi Arabian airport located in the southern part of the kingdom country.
According to official Houthi military sources, the attacked involved the use of a Badr-1 short-range ballistic missile which targeted Saudi defenses inside Najran Regional Airport.
The missile attack operation was announced as being a retaliation for heavy Saudi-led coalition bombardment during recent days involving over fifty airstrikes.
Despite the airport’s official designation as civilian site, the reality is that the Saudi-led coalition which fights Houthi forces has heavily militarized the location and uses it as a base of operations for offensive activities just across the border in northern Yemen.
The proximity of Najran Airport to the front-line (just a few tens of kilometers away) as well as its use as an offensive asset makes it a common target of Houthi missile and drone attacks that are launched into Saudi Arabia.
Early reports released within the last hour suggest that Saudi air defense units may have intercepted the missile; some footage has been released to back up these claims, however, the video’s legitimacy is not yet verified.
Just over a week ago, Houthi forces launched a large drone attack against a military site near the Saudi capital, the results of which have still not been completely clarified; the Houthis never claim battle outcomes without video evidence and Saudi forces never admit to losses regardless.
The Saudi-led coalition too has been involved in major air operations, recently bombing a Houthi-run prison complex in southwest Yemen; an attack which killed over 100 people according to Red Cross sources.

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