Breaking: Turkish Army enters northeast Syria (pictures)

The Turkish Army has entered northeast Syria under an agreement with the United States that will see military forces of the two countries conduct joint patrols in the region.
Reported in the last hour and confirmed by official Turkish, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and US military sources, armed forces of Turkey have begun their first joint patrol east of the Euphrates River.
The sudden and hurried undertaking of the first US-Turkish military joint patrol in northeast Syria comes not long after Turkey’s President Tayyip Recap Erdogan threatened to launch a unilateral operation if the American side did not speed up its plans to put the east Euphrates agreement into practice.
All sources commenting on the event confirm that this first US-Turkish joint patrol operation is very much taking place inside Syrian territory, specifically so in the area around Tal Abyad (south of the Turkish border city of Akçakale).

Furthermore, sources have added that the military forces involved in the operation include motorized infantry riding in armored car (also confirmed by pictures) as well as UAV units.
More information to be released as the situation develops.

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