WATCH: Russian Su-57 stealth fighter pulls stunning landing trick

Footage has emerged from the MAKS 2019 airshow in Russia which shows an Su-57 stealth fighter pulling an very unusual and quite stunning landing trick before thousands of onlookers.
As shown in the video footage captured by a viewer, the Su-57 deploys its landing chutes before its wheels touch the ground – a very unconventional way to land and potentially very dangerous since it can lead to a last-second stall crash.

Analysts have assessed the footage and concluded that the odd landing maneuver was probably only demonstrated to showcase the aircraft’s stability at very, very low speeds (owed to a high-lift wing-fuselage configuration).
The 2019 airshow, held at Zhukovsky International Airport south of Moscow on Tuesday, has proven to be the public flying debut for Russia’s until-now rather secretive fifth generation stealth fighter.
Worth noting is that Turkish President Tayyip Recap Erdogan was present at the airshow on Tuesday where, with the company of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he assessed the Su-57 close-up.
Erdogan’s visit and his audience with Putin (who bought him ice cream before the cameras) was highly publicized in Russian, Turkish and world news.