WATCH: More Syrian Army tanks, artillery arrive in north Lattakia

In the northern countryside of Lattakia province, the Syrian Army has recently deployed medium and heavy weapon reinforcements to bolster the fire support capabilities of front-line units battling jihadist militants.
Video footage has been released by the Sputnik news agency showing the arrival of new armored and artillery forces to the front-line in northern Lattakia province.

Worth noting from the video is the arrival of highly mobile medium weapon systems including truck-mounted 57-mm field guns and 23-mm autocannons in addition to less mobile, but heavier-hitting tanks such as the T-55.
Infantry-mobile medium fire support weapons such as anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) and 30-mm grenade launchers are also shown to be operated.
At the present time, key Syrian Army units serving on the Lattakia front include the 4th Corps and at least one brigade (42d Brigade) of the 4th Division; less noticeably so but also obviously serving on this front is a small contingent of Russian special forces.
Despite daily clashes with stand-off weapons in the hills that surround the town of Kabani, the Syrian Army is yet to truly commit to an offensive operation on the northern Lattakia front.