WATCH: Final battles near Syria's Khan Sheykhun before govt. victory

RT Arabic released a brief video report from Syria on Tuesday showing what turned out to be the final clashes between the Syrian Army and jihadist groups near the city of Khan Sheykhun.
The footage shows Syrian Army artillery teams and fire support controller units in action against militant factions on Khan Sheykhun’s western approaches during a battle on Tuesday that led to government forces partially besieging the city by seizing of the main northern road leading into it.
Not that anyone knew it at the time, but that action alone was the final action that led to insurgent fighters fleeing Khan Sheykhun, what was once one of the largest militant-controlled cities in Syria’s Idlib region, and de facto surrendering it to the Syrian Army.
On Wednesday the Syrian Army entered Khan Sheykhun without a fight and on Thursday the first imagines and video evidence of government troops being present in the city were released to the public.
The Syrian Army is still currently involved in a major de-mining operation to remove improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other hidden ambush munitions from Khan Sheykhun’s suburbs.