VIDEO (18+): Syrian Army special forces battle that led to capture of Al-Hobait

The ANNA News Agency has released a new round of front-line footage documenting the operation by Syrian Army special forces units that led to the capture of Al-Hobait city in southern Idlib province.
The Syrian Army operation, launched by the elite special forces unit known as the Tiger Forces Division, was a day-long battle that began on a Saturday afternoon and lasted until the dawn hours Sunday.
The ANNA documentation of the battle shows the Tiger Forces using all the technological advantages of the special forces unit’s arsenal to rout militant groups from their positions around the city.
Chief among these advantages is the use of thermal-vision equipped T-90 and late model T-72 tanks as well as drone-directed precision airstrikes and shelling to devastating effect against jihadist positions, fire-support sights, vehicle depots and movements.
The capture of Al-Hobait has put the Syrian Army in a prime position to strike at the western flank of Khan Sheykhun should it choose to do so at any point in the future.

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