US forces deliver massive amount of weapons to Kurdish SDF in north Syria (Video)

US forces have delivered a massive amount of weapons and equipment to Kurdish SDF militants in northern Syria report both local and official government sources from the city of Qamishli.
According to reports, the military hardware was delivered via a convoy consisting of over 200 trucks carrying weapons and logistical items as well as fighting vehicles (likely Humvees among them) that entered northeast Syria from Iraq and arrived in the city of Qamishli.

The arrival of weapons and equipment comes amid heightened tensions between Washington and Ankara over a potential Turkish-led military operation against US-backed SDF groups in north Syria.
The northeastern Syrian city of Qamishli which borders Turkey (opposite the Turkish city of Nusaybin) is jointly held between the Syrian Army and Kurdish SDF militias.
Government forces control some of the most important parts of the city including the military airport, town center and border posts.
In the past, government forces and Kurdish militias (namely the Asayish policing group) have clashed amid various disputes. The Syrian Army almost never allows US forces which operate in the area to pass through its checkpoints.