Syrian Air Force strikes Turkish convoy in south Idlib (VIDEOS)

The Syrian Air Force has carried out strikes against a Turkish convoy comprising both Turkish Army units and Turkish-backed militant groups in the southern countryside of Idlib province.
Muraselon News has learned that a Turkish Army convoy, accompanied by Ankara-backed insurgents, attempting to reach the city of Khan Sheykhun was engaged by the Syrian Air Force as it passed south from Marat al-Numan on the M5 Highway in south Idlib

Sources report that an unspecified number of militants from the Free Syrian Army’s Rahman Legion were caught in the strikes by Syrian warplanes and killed. It is unknown if Turkish service personnel were harmed.

The Turkish convoy is attempting to reach Khan Sheykhun in order to deter a Syrian Army offensive currently taking place for possession of the city. It is reported that Turkey plans to establish additional observation posts in and near the city, but this is not confirmed.
At the present time, the Syrian Air Force continues to conduct strikes against militant positions and movements along the M5 Highway between Murat al-Numan and Khan Sheykhun.

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