SDF begins withdrawing from Turkish border in north Syria

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have begun the process of withdrawing from the Turkish border in northern Syria according to official United States military sources.
The US military’s official CENTCOM (Central Command) Twitter account confirmed that the agreement between Ankara and Washington over northern Syria and the SDF question has started to go into effect.
According to CENTCOM, fortifications and fire support positions of the SDF near the southern Turkish border have begun to be demolished.
CENTCOM released pictures over Twitter of the destruction of SDF positions (specific area unspecified) such as trenches being supervised by US troops as proof of the “SDF’s commitment to support implementation of the security mechanism framework”.
The details of the Syria-Turkish border agreement between Ankara and Washington remain sketchy; however, it seems that there will be a five kilometer buffer zone from which the SDF will not be allowed to operate with US and Turkish forces jointly patrolling it, and that up to a depth of 9 kilometers, all SDF heavy weapons will be removed although infantry personnel belonging to the militia will be allowed to remain.