Russia's first hunter-killer stealth drone begins flight testing – details (Video)

The Russian Aerospace Forces have begun flight testing of its first hunter-killer stealth drone design to ever roll off Russia’s military production lines.
The Russian Ministry of Defense unveiled footage of the first flight of what has been officially designated the Sukhoi Su-70 Okhotnik. The aircraft flew for twenty minutes up to an altitude of 600 meters – overall, a very modest first flight.

According to details released by the Russian MoD, the Su-70 uses special composite materials in its fuselage design that make it virtually impossible to detect with radars (hence the claimed stealth component) and has the ability to fly up to 10,000 meters, it has a range of 3,500 kilometers and has a top speed of 920 kilometer per hours.
Furthermore the aircraft can be fitted with a vast range of reconnaissance equipment relating to elector-optical, signals (SIGINT) and electronic (ELINT) detection and tracking and can, reportedly, carry on offensive weapons payload, turning it into a killer drone.
The Russian MoD claims that the Su-70 is projected to be used in joint operations with the Su-57 stealth multi-role fighter that is currently finishing operational testing trials.

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