Russian subs fire ballistic missiles at real targets in Russia (VIDEO)

Russian submarines have conducted a combat training exercise using submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) that targeted real objects in Russia with phony warheads.
According to reports from official media outlets in Russia, the training exercise in question involved two Russian Navy submarines that fired their test missiles (the standard type of which in a real scenario would be carrying nuclear warheads) from the Arctic Ocean and Barents Sea.
The targets in Russia struck with phony warheads include the Kura Missile Test Range in the Kamchatka region and Chizha MIssile Test Range in the Arkhangelsk region; the Russian military claims all impacts were on-target.

A video has been released by RT showing the missile tests.


The event was announced by the Russian ministry of Defense on Saturday, however, it is not known if this was the day the test was actually carried-out. Such events have to be coordinated with the military forces of other nuclear powers as not to be mistaken for an actual attack scenario.
Real-target ballistic missile exercises like the one the one recently conducted are rare and expensive. However, they are also necessary for Russia’s strategic forces branch in order for nuclear missile operators to remain familiar with the use of the weapons they are responsible for as well as prove the reliability of the missile designs themselves.

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