Russia: Syrian Army operation in Idlib is legitimate – Top diplomat

The foreign minister of Russia has quite clearly signaled that Moscow believes the current Syrian Army operation against militant groups in Idlib province is legitimate.
Speaking on record on Monday, and quoted by the RIA news group, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that as far as Russia could assess, Syrian Army operations to liberate Syrian territory (currently taking place in Idlib) from insurgent factions did not violate any understandings in regards to the Astana or Sochi agreements.
In all probability, the comment by Lavrov was directed more at Turkey than the United States or Western European countries, the latter two being surprisingly quiet during the last three months of Syrian Army operations in Idlib.
In the last week, the Syrian Army has seized four major militant strongholds in northern Hama province and parts of southern Idlib province; during the course of these events, a Turkish observation base which was meant to deter an attack by Syrian government forces has now been surrounded to a depth of 10 kilometers behind government lines.
Lavrov’s commenting on the matter now, after a major Syrian Army victory has already been achieved, might be an indicator that government forces still plan to conduct further operations.

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