Pictures: Wrecked jihadist tanks showcase militant defensive failure in Idlib

Syrian Army reporters on the front-line in southern Idlib province have released a number of pictures demonstrating the extent to which tanks operated by jihadist groups have been destroyed.
Picture evidence released in the last day proves the destruction of at least two militant main battle tanks during recent clashes between the Syrian Army and insurgent groups in the countryside west of Khan Sheykhun.
Also shown in the pictures is what appears to be a wrecked jihadist infantry transport vehicle, specifically, a DIY armored personnel carrier type commonly seen in use by the Al-Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group.
According to sources, this is the work of the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces Division which has been advancing through the countryside east and north of Al-Hobait city.
The vehicles shown in the images below appear to be the result of the Syrian Army assault on Kafr Ayn and Tal As, more or less confirming reports that teams of militant mobile forces were engaged and destroyed west of Khan Sheykhun a couple nights ago.

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