Iran's freed oil tanker sails to new location amid US seizure threats

Iran’s Grace 1 oil supertanker that was seized by British special forces and detained in Gibraltar back in July has since been released by authorities and is now sailing towards a new location.
Since being released the Iranian tanker has been renamed Adrian Darya 1 and has set a course – according to shipping data – for the port city of Kalamata in Greece.
Both the UK and the US (who praised the British seizure operation) claimed that the oil tanker – reportedly carrying 2.1 million barrels of oil – was heading to Syria in violation of European Union sanctions against the Assad government.
Although the US failed to convince British legal authorities to extend the tanker’s detention and to pass it over to American control, it is believed the US may nonetheless undertake unilateral action and seize the Adrian Darya 1 by force now that it has been released.
As reported by AFP, Iran has officially warned the US against any attempt to hijack the tanker.

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