Iran's new air defense system is superior to Russia's S 300 : Russian analysts

Iran has developed a new air defense system that is superior to the Russian-made S 300 system, according to a well-informed Russian aviation analyst team reporting via the publication site Avia.Pro.
The analysis article brings forth some worthy points about the superior aspects of Iran’s domestically-produced Bavar 373 air defense system in regards to its more effective, longer-range and accurate early warning and fire-control radar units.
Chief among this is the Bavar 373 complex’s ability to detect stealth aircraft such as the F-22 and F-35 at ranges beyond the S 300’s capabilities, allowing for greater warning time to respond to such a threat in a combat situation.
A final point the Avia.Pro team notes is that even if, at the very least, the Bavar 373 is equal to the S 300 in terms of air defense capabilities then it is, for a fact, vastly cheaper than the S 300 – which for an Iran under heavy sanctions is a good thing.

Bavar 373 air defense

Iran began developing the Bavar 373 air defense system many years ago amid legal complications that led to Russia halting its delivery of twelve S 300 systems that Iran had already purchased some time earlier; these were eventually delivered in 2015 however.
As the first Bavar 373s began to undergo their trials, some Iranian officials claimed that although the S 300 deal with Russia was going to be seen through to arrival, they had nonetheless lost interest in the Russian air defense system compared to their own domestically-made system.

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