VIDEO: Central Russia rocked by huge explosion at military site

On August 5 a huge explosion erupted at a major military site (designated Unit 74008) in the Achinsk district (Krasnoyarsk Krai federal subject territory) of central Russia.
According to reports, a military ammunition facility in the area that stores explosive powder for artillery shells suffered a fire outbreak (cause unclear) that led a series of major detonations when the contents cooked-off.

Outside the city of Achinsk, the area surrounding the military site hit is relatively unpopulated (typical of central Russia), however authorities have issued an evacuation order settlements within 20 kilometers of the event location – as many as 11,000 people may be made to relocate.
Potentially hazardous chemicals (linked to ammunition production) being made airborne due to the explosion may be the reason for the caution of authorities and the evacuation order given.
According to the Siberian Times news group, one person has been killed and another seven wounded (among them a child) due to shrapnel from the explosion. The Russian Ministry of Defense is yet to release an official statement.