Breaking: Yemen’s Houthis unleash air attack against Saudi capital

The Houthi rebel movement in Yemen has commenced and huge air attack against a military location near to or within the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Moments ago, a spokesperson for the Houthi military (the self-declared Yemeni Armed Forces) announced that the group was in the process of targeting a Saudi military site located within the vicinity of Al-Riyadh.

According to the report disseminated by the Houthi military spokesperson, the militia is using Samad-3 suicide drones (also known as loitering-munitions) in its attack, these being launched from within Houthi-held areas of Yemen.

The exact Saudi military installation that is being targeted by the Samad-3 drones was not announced, however, information on this location will likely be revealed in the coming hours.

In recent days, the air defense arm of the Houthi military downed a US-operated hunter-killer drone that was flying over Yemen, showcasing the group’s increasing technological capability.

These stand-off attacks against Saudi targets using loitering munitions are yet another example of Houthi military technological advances since 2015.