Breaking: Syrian Army releases first pictures, video inside Khan Sheykhun

After an entire day of doubt as to whether or not the Syrian Army had entered Khan Sheykhun, first reported under military control almost 24 hours ago, the first picture and video evidence has been released of government forces inside the city.
The images come after endless claims and counter-claims regarding the Syrian Army entry into the city, a persisting rebel presence or full withdrawal and whether or not the city was part of some de-militarized agreement between Russia and Turkey.
The fact of the matter is that the Syrian Army has entered Khan Sheykhun from all directions after surrounding it in the hours before given the order to commence sweeping operations in the city.
At the present time, a major de-mining operation is being carried out in all suburbs to remove explosive traps (also called improvised explosive devices, IEDs) left behind by jihadists (a common tactic used by them).
So far no insurgent resistance has been encountered and thus it also appears true that all militant forces have withdrawn; this is supported further by the simple fact that insurgent groups have failed to release a single shred of picture or video evidence that they are present in Khan Sheykhun since control of it by the government forces was reported.
That being said, not all areas of the city have been double-checked and it remains a possibility that die-hard jihadists may be hiding in tunnels waiting for the opportunity to conduct a suicidal last mission against the Syrian Army – indeed, this has happened before.