Breaking: Syrian Army makes critical breakthrough towards Khan Sheykhun (MAP)

The Syrian Army has made a critical advance in the southern countryside of Idlib towards the militant-controlled stronghold of Khan Sheykhun, report field sources to Muraselon News.
Sources speaking to Muraselon confirmed that the Syrian Army had seized the town of Kafr Ayn, immediately east of the recently liberated city of Al-Hobait and only a matter of kilometers west of Khan Sheykhun.
The Syrian Army – led by the elite Tiger Forces Division – stormed the town after many hours of shelling it, quickly over-running a hastily formed jihadist defense line that collapsed almost instantly.
By this advance, the Syrian Army has effectively burst-open the door to a direct advance on Khan Sheykhun from the western direction, although there remains an important hilltop, Tal As, just to the south of Kafr Ayn which government forces may find necessary to establish control over first before continuing a direct drive on the prized city.
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