Breaking: Large jihadist tank convoy obliterated by airstrike in Idlib city

A large jihadist mechanized column passing through Idlib city made up of half-a-dozen tanks  has been caught in a Russian airstrike that was directed by a Syrian Army targeting drone.
According to sources speaking directly to Muraselon News moments ago, the entirety of a convoy of six militant tanks transiting Idlib city’s industrial area was destroyed by brief but devastating precision strike conducted by Russian warplanes.
Sources added that the strike delivered by Russian combat aircraft was in fact made possible by a Syrian Army drone operated by the Tiger Forces Division.
The drone had been loitering over the skies of Idlib city on a deep reconnaissance mission when it spotted the jihadist armored column. Once the target was confirmed, on-station Russian warplanes pounced on the target.
The strike operation over Idlib city and its successful outcome is an indication of the increasing effectiveness of Russian-Syrian military joint operations, particularly in regards to airstrike packages.

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