Alleged Chemical Attack In Douma Is Fake Created By Insurgents And OPCW

In May 2019, a team of specialists from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), led by Ian Henderson, prepared a report challenging the findings of the OPCW’s report (issued in March 2018) on the investigation of alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Dpuma in April 2018.
The first investigation claimed that chlorine tanks were delivered to the crime scene by aircraft, specifying that it could only be the Syrian Air Force or Russian Air Force.
However, the new report completely refutes these theses.
The experts conducted several technical experiments simulating the events in the Duma and, based on the results, identified a number of discrepancies between the OPCW’s findings and the facts, among them the discrepancy between the dates indicated in the metadata of the photographs from the Douma and the alleged chronology of the events, the incorrect appearance of the ammunition with the toxic substances and the damage they caused. In addition, the biochemical analysis of samples taken by OPCW experts at the Duma site did not prove the use of toxic agents.
The group of experts concluded that the cylinders, which appeared as basic evidence of the use of chemical weapons, could not be dropped from the air but were placed manually at the scene of the incident.
The findings of the working group were endorsed by Professor Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Theodore Postol, who is known for having served as a strategic and scientific consultant to several U.S. presidents.
Shortly after the leak of the report prepared by the Henderson group, seven White Helmets also admitted that the “chemical attack” materials in the Douma had been staged.
All of this proves once again that the findings of the OPCW report published in March 2018 are unreliable and politicized. In addition, it confirms the fact that Western countries, through their controlled humanitarian organizations and media, have been working for many years to discredit the Syrian government, not even shying away from links with terrorist organizations.
Meanwhile, in May of this year it became known that militants are preparing new chemical attacks in Syria. The terrorist organization Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has established a separate structure for this purpose called the Chemical Wing, headed by Abu Basir al-Britani a native of the al-Qaeda-affiliated group Hurras al-Din. The Chemical Wing’s headquarters is located in Idlib and is responsible for planning operations and coordinating production surveys. HTS insurgents provide fake data to the media, which are then replicated by Western media.
For example, on May 19, terrorists announced the alleged use of chlorine by the Syrian government in Kabanah, the Latakia governorate. All the world agencies and diplomats of Western countries immediately started talking about this fact. But no evidence has ever been presented.
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And in June, a video clip found on the smartphone of a terrorist killed by SAA forces appeared on social networks. Presumably, the video is a piece of a staged film about the “victims” of the chemical attack, prepared with the participation of the organization “White Helmets.
Since “White Helmets” are still in Syria and representatives of Western countries in the UN still refer to dubious sources, including the resources of illegal armed groups, there is no doubt that the staging of chemical attacks will be prepared over and over again.
Regrettably, this subversive activity is supported not only by Western intelligence services, but also, as the investigation of the “Henderson group” has shown, even by respected international organizations such as the OPCW.

Pamela Spenser, independent journalist
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