US Navy conducts exercises in Persian Gulf in 'clear message' to Iran (Video)

US Navy warships and US Marines conducted joint exercises in the northern Arabian Sea on Friday, in order to respond with “lethality and agility” to any threat, according to the US Navy.
The Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier worked in coordination with the US Marine Corps to conduct exercises aimed at improving the navy’s readiness in the face of external threats.
The exercises conducted in the Persian Gulf near Iranian territory come amid increasing tensions between Washington and Tehran, following the withdrawal of both parties from the JCPOA nuclear deal.

Last week, following their arrival to the region, US F-35 fighters and B-52 strategic bombers completed its first mission in patrolling the skies over the Persian Gulf by taking off from its new base in Qatar.
The B-52 bombers, ordered by the White House to counter unspecified threats from Iran, arrived at a major American airbase in Qatar.

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