Video of Syrian army "Tiger Forces" operation in northern Hama (2)

The Syrian army ” Tiger Forces ” began the assault on the Shahshabu mountain range. It borders the valley of Al-Gab from the east.
So that the troops in northern Hama could advance further, it was necessary to clear both the mountain range itself and its foot.
The battles here were divided into two stages – the first capture of the small village of Hveyz in the valley and the second – the liberation of the mountain village Kerkat. The Tiger Forces under the command of General Suhel Al-Hassan freed new territories from terrorists, but big politics again intervened in the affairs of an independent state.
At the request of Western countries, the fighting was stopped. The pretext for such a decision was supposedly concern for civilians.
However, the terrorists of the former “al-Nusra” (“Hayat Tahrir al-Sham”), the al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch (organizations are banned in Russia), gained the greatest benefit for themselves.
It was on these three days that the militants pulled up reinforcements and strengthened their positions, since politicians imposed a ban on the use of aircraft and artillery for government troops.
In our material you will see a chronicle of the last days of hostilities that took place in the valley of al-Gab in the north of the province of Hama
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