20-min thrilling footage of Syrian Army Tiger Forces military operation in northern Hama

Anna News Agency has published their long awaited video part 1 of the Syrian Army ongoing military operation in northern Hama countryside.
The Footage shows SAA Tiger Forces in action against jihadist rebels in north-west Hama province.
Footage includes army’s units storming and capturing rebel-held areas as well as drone footage of precious artillery and airstrikes on rebel’s positions, movements and vehicles.
Yesterday, the Syrian army led by Tiger Forces managed to score new important advance and captured strategic Hwaiz town and its surroundings paving the way for the Syrian troops to enter al-Ghab Plain region.
Last week, the Syrian army has launched their long awaited offensive against militant groups which aim to capture the demilitarized zone that expands between Latakia, Hama and Idlib provinces.

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