Syria News | Syrian army scores new advance in Idlib province

The Syrian Arab Army led by Tiger Forces has scored a new advance against jihadist rebels in the southern countryside of Idlib province following heavy clashes with militants in the area.
The Syrian troops managed to impose full control over Tall Hawash (hill), Hawash and Jabriyah towns after a brief battle with militant groups of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the Turkish backed rebel groups.
By this advance, the Syrian army has secured the western axis of recently captured Kafr Nabudah and will propel the army to advance north toward strategic Jabal al-Zawiyah region.
Its likely that the Syrian troops will shift focus now toward the eastern axis of Kafr Nabudah to completely secure the town from all sides.
Kafr Nabudah, along with several other areas, was captured by the Syrian Arab Army and their allies last Wednesday; however, despite taking control of the town, they have faced heavy attacks from the jihadist rebels who are determined to retake their lost territories in northwestern Hama.

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