Kurdish forces ambush Turkish backed rebels in Afrin

The Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) operations room has carried out a new attacks targeting the Turkish backed Syrian rebels in Afrin region in northern Aleppo countryside.
The Kurdish forces HRE group issued a statement detailing the attack.
In its statement, HRE reported that the Turkish army and Syrian rebel groups under its control have carried out attacks against villages in Afrin’s Shera district on May 4th. Fierce clashes erupted following the retaliation of HRE fighters.
The statement;
“On May 4, our forces carried out an action against a military vehicle of the occupation forces that attacked the village of Merenaz from Kefer Xaşer village of Azaz. Two mercenaries in the vehicle were killed and the vehicle itself was destroyed as result.
On the same day, HRE snipers targeted the Jabhat al-Shamiya group in Malikiye and Merenaz villages. The actions left 3 terrorists dead.”

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