Video: United States sends two aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean Sea as a powerful message to Russia

The United States has deployed for the first time since 2016 two Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, the USS John C. Stennis and the USS Abraham Lincoln, in the Mediterranean Sea.
The John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group and Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group are conducting dual carrier operations, providing an opportunity for two strike groups to work together alongside key allies and partners in the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations, the US Navy said.
In addition to the aircraft carrier, a strike group typically includes a guided-missile cruiser, two to three guided-missile destroyers, an attack submarine, and a supply ship.
Together, the strike groups will complete high-end fighting training, enhancing interoperability with key allies and partners in the European Union. This is the main purpose of these dual carrier operations, but this is not a coincidence if such operations are held in times when the Russian Navy, and even the Chinese one, operate more and more in this region.
Russia has steadily expanded its military presence in the Mediterranean since 2015, when the Russian military joined forces with Damascus in Syria.

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