Six Turkish Army soldiers killed and injured in a fresh Kurdish attack in Afrin

Three Turkish Army soldiers have been killed while three others injured in the village of Mariamiya, belonging to Shera district of Afrin canton, a Kurdish source has claimed.
According to the source, the three soldiers were killed in Mariamiya in a special operation carried by Kurdish sleeper cell agents active in the area, its likely that Afrin Liberation Forces group is behind the attack.
The source added that the details of the attack as well as a video will be released soon.
Early on today, the Turkish defense ministry has announced the death of a Turkish soldier in Afrin region saying he was killed by artillery shelling by the Kurdish YPG fighters stationed in north Aleppo countryside.
Since the capture of Afrin canton by the Turkish army and its allied Syrian rebels in 2018, the Kurdish forces have switched to guerrilla warfare tactics and inflicted tens of casualties among the Turkish forces ranks.

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